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Cshare APK Download For Android

To share files between the smartphones, files sharing app must be used to do that. Cshare is one of those apps. It is an interesting app that used for sharing files between the smartphones. It is developed for work on the Android platform. Not like the other file sharing apps, there are a lot of users in worldwide. This is a popular file sharing app and reviews of this app say that this is the best file sharing app for Android smartphones. So this site will give cshare download links to download Cshare apk.


Cshare APK For Android

Cshare is a file sharing app that uses WiFi as the medium of file transferring. The user will able to share files like Videos, Pictures, Audios, Documents and any other types of files easily. there is no size limit for sending or receiving files. The user can send any size of a file within a short period of time. It has a fastest transferring speed among all other Android file sharing app. This app is only for the Android. There are no other versions for iOS and PC. Therefore this works only between the Android smartphones. So when downloading there is only cshare apk to download.

cshare apk

Features Of The App

  • It is faster than the Bluetooth and the infrared wireless file transferring methods. It because this app is using the WiFi file transferring method for transferring files
  • The user interface is very simple and delicate. Therefore it is very easy to use this app for anyone who even never used this cshare app before.
  • Ability to choose Apps, Videos, Audios, Pictures, Documents to send instantly. This app gives the list of all the apps, videos, audios etc inside the app interface. So it helps to choose files quickly.
  • File sharing is totally free. There is no any kind of charges. There is no connection with the SIM card networks. Therefore it’s all free.

Download and install the cshare apk – Best file sharing app for your Android device